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Blog USB-Sticks mit großem Logobereich

canvas art

If you’re a musician, artist, photographer, or entertainment organization wanting more branding areas to show off your best image, the Canvas Series USB Flash Drive is perfect for you!

Recently launched, the Canvas Series USB Flash Drive features a full color branding area that wraps around the drive body. Now, you can present your logo, message, and image on any combination of the front, back and edge of the device.

By using a precision printing process, we can display your logo and fancy graphics and images with a high level of details and colors.

Want to show an image of your product? No problem! Want to include an image of the beautiful scenery as your background image? The Canvas Series USB can do that!

Furthermore, the integrated area on the edge of the drive gives you the perfect place to promote your website address or phone number.

Flashbay's Canvas Series USB Flash Drives
Canvas Series USB flash drives

Another cool feature this USB model has is the slide USB connector, which you allows you to slide the USB component in and out.

In common with all Flashbay USB models, the Canvas Series USB model is built using only high quality material and high speed grade-A NAND flash memory. Capacities are available from 32MB all the way to 16GB.

For more information on this innovative USB Flash Drive product, check out the full product description and specifications.

flashbay Autor: Peter Nguyen
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